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I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns you may have. Winnebago Fishing is the only website dedicated to the Winnebago system. We continue to grow and it is because of all of you. I thank each and every one of you for your support.

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 ~ Scott "Axl" Ehricke

What's New

     The ice is in really good shape and the fishing action is really heating up. the east shore continues to do well near brothertown for whitebass and walleyes. most are bouncing from hole to hole and either using jigging rapala or swedish pimples tipped with a head of a shiner. The key is to not sit in one hole to long. I strongly suggest the use of a vexilar. This will cut down the amount of time you are spending fishing and increase the amount of time you are catching.

     Most of the bridges are out on the big pond and are marked with trees to ensure safety. remember that ice is never 100% safe, so always check out the conditions at your local bait shops before going out on the lake.

Horseshoe hole is doing well for smaller walleyes with the use of a tip up. The key is to find what level they are at in the water column and place your bait above them. remember that walleyes will feed up, so be sure to place your bait higher in the water column. We usually will place a few tip ups right below the ice in case there a re a few fish cruising along the bottom of the ice.

Perch action has been hit and miss all over the lake, but the quality seems to be there if you can find them. The key is to keep your bait very close to the bottom and it seems they really want it to be still right now, with no jigging at all. These are picky eaters, so be sure to try different techniques and discover what they want on that particular day. A gold hook with a red bead seems to be working well, tipped with a smaller shiner, tight to the bottom.

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